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ValueStreamer® as a leadership tool supports the continuous improvement of processes and the optimization of collaboration.


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How to increase productivity in production

More efficiency through digital transformation in value stream and shop floor management

Digital transformation is a key component in increasing productivity in the production environment and achieving operational excellence

Two concepts that quickly lead to efficient results are digital Shop Floor Management and digital value stream mapping.
These methods use digital technologies to increase transparency, efficiency and agility in production processes.
The combination of both concepts enables companies to analyze and optimize their production processes in depth, resulting in improved performance and greater competitiveness. 

However, digital transformation is not just about technological changes. Corporate culture also plays an important role. 


Challenges in the implementation of the digital transformation

According to a study by Carsten Lund Pedderson, professor at the IT University of Copenhagen, the number one obstacle to the successful implementation of digital transformation is corporate culture

This shows that employees are an important aspect of digital transformation.  
For employees, digital transformation initially means change. People tend to prefer continuity. Change, on the other hand, especially digital change, is often met with resistance. In order to prevent and overcome resistance, it is necessary to actively integrate employees. What is important here is that the use of digital tools should not replace employees, but rather support them and help them to work more efficiently. 


                                                         Graphic: Digital Transformation; Staufen. ValueStreamer GmbH;
                                                         Source: Carsten Lund Pedderson, Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark 

Digital transformation is therefore about both, mastering change and maintaining continuity in order to avoid falling into chaos or conservatism (or stagnation). To achieve this, the right mix of innovation and continuity must be found. If a lot is changed in a short period of time, this often ends in chaos: many different IT systems are purchased, new machines, etc. Rushed actions often mean that there is not enough time to set up the systems or that the connection to the existing IT landscape is not properly implemented.  

An ideal way forward is to create a renewed cultural identity that encompasses the best of both worlds. 



Digital value stream mapping is an extension of traditional, analog value stream mapping. It uses digital tools to visualize and analyse the value chain, creating transparency across the entire production process. This helps companies to identify waste, standardize processes and optimize the flow of materials and information. The virtual representation of the value stream enables a more detailed representation of the processes and their more precise analysis.  

In contrast to static, paper-based methods, the digital value stream twin enables a continuous and dynamic view of production processes. Every aspect of production can be visualized in real time and digital simulations can be carried out to evaluate the effects of changes in advance. 



Digital Shop Floor Management creates a bridge between the collected data and the implementation of specific actions.  
The use of digital Shop Floor Boards as a basis for daily communication in the context of Shop Floor meetings makes it possible to make information visible and accessible to all participants in real time.
Jointly monitoring and analyzing the data during meetings helps leaders and employees to identify problems at a glance and immediately initiate measures to eliminate them. This drives process optimization and increases productivity. It also promotes communication and collaboration within the team.  



The combined use of digital Shop Floor Management and digital value stream mapping offers companies a powerful tool for optimizing their processes. 
While digital value stream mapping offers a comprehensive view of production processes, digital Shop Floor management focuses on the daily monitoring and optimization of processes. By integrating both approaches, companies can not only identify and sustainably optimize inefficient processes, but also establish a culture of continuous improvement.

The real-time data from Shop Floor Management can be incorporated directly into value stream mapping to enable dynamic adaptation and optimization of processes. Conversely, value stream mapping provides strategic insights that can be used to fine-tune operational control in Shop Floor Management.
The result: a faster response to deviations, improved product quality and more efficient use of resources. 

Another advantage is the fast implementation of digital solutions for value stream and Shop Floor Management. This is done using minimal resources, and pilot projects can usually be implemented within a few weeks. 



The combined use of digital Shop Floor Management and digital value stream management offers considerable advantages for companies.
These include, for example, increased efficiency, faster responsiveness to changes and the sustainable optimization of processes. 

The successful implementation of digital tools requires an examination of the corporate culture. The focus here is on creating acceptance among employees. This can be achieved by actively involving employees in the implementation process and positioning digital tools as a supplement to human expertise rather than a replacement for it.


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